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About Me


Hello There!

This is Ankit Mandvi, owner and, most importantly, the photographer of Pixel 2 Pixel Photography. I live in Indore and specialize in fashion, lifestyle & Editorial photography. I fell in love with photography when I was in College. I found my passion of telling stories through pictures and producing artistic pictures. It’s never turning back then!Photography for me was never about ‘the look’, but it is more about ‘the feel’.

“If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they are looking at your pictures.”

I have started Pixel 2 Pixel, with a primary goal, that is to create the best images for my clients, with first class photography that will add real value to their investment.One of the most important things clients fall in love with my services is my passion to go the extra mile to ensure they end up with the images they need.

So just come along and enjoy the out of the world experience Pixel 2 Pixel offers you!


Why People Choose Me

Creative Approach

At Pixel 2 Pixel, the basics of starting is creative approach. For us photography is itself a creative approach where we picture an unimaginable.


It is the experience that speaks! With an experience of  2.5 years, I have learnt so many things which is instrumented while taking up a new photography challenge. It is my experience that makes my photo count!

Best Packeges

At Pixel 2 Pixel we strive for quality and client satisfaction. This is what makes us charge for the price for the efforts only. While relying on us just forget about the price as it is and will always be reasonable.


“It was a fantastic experience working with such a young hard-working & talented boy Ankit ...his dedication towards photography brought me towards him. He has a great idea about the leases & every aspects of a perfect photographer...he is very much concern about everyone present with him during shoot...he is concious about the punctuality & discipline..he even knw how to give respect to the corresponding crew team members. His dedication towards dis passion will definitely make him a professional photographer one day with a renowned name Ankit Mandvi all the very best to him for future growth.”

Shreya Singh

Theatre Artist / Model
“It was really great experience to work with Ankit....he is such a fun loving person n gave me a Nike name as Tom was such an amazing experience....!!!! and his dedication for his work and photography is awesome.”

Riddhi Sharma

“He is so supportive through out the photoshoot.He makes me feel comfortable and confident he has a caliber to uplift anyone's mood if they feel down. his photography and editing skills are excellent he exactly know which profile ..which background ..which outfit ..will boom a picture. his determination towards will make him a very successful photographer one day.”

Bhoomika Gaurh

“Working with pixel to pixel was amazing. It was a feel good experience and everyone was very friendly and calm. The whole team is very creative and provided the best of everything. It was a great feeling to create some beautiful images of myself looking my absolute best and that could not be possible without their efforts.”

Mrinal Khare

“Hey! It was great working with such a efficient and dedicated freelancer...who to make some one more detail ful through his lense... I had my first photoshoot with him and it was great. He make me felt very comfortable and make me look more sharp and beautiful by his perfect angle of vision...he Friends with his clients and make aura more homelike and comfortable so we can be more of ourselves ... thankyou for your lense and vision i have such amazing photo folio.”

Naina Raje